Resource Centers

Disability Resource Center

The mission of the Disability Resource Center is to make university life accessible to students with disabilities. We identify, evaluate, and reduce or eliminate barriers to student access and equity. We foster community and create opportunities to promote disability culture.

We focus on building partnerships and infrastructure that incorporate the principles of universal design, social sustainability, and disability justice. We find creative solutions by proactively collaborating with students, faculty, and staff to develop an accessible and inclusive environment.

Queer Resource Center

The Queer Resource Center provides students along the sexuality and gender spectrum with the support they need to persist to graduation. We build conscious coalitions among sexuality and gender related organizations within ˮ State University and the surrounding community to strengthen support structures across communities and identities. The QRC also provides resources and programming to support students throughout their time at ˮ, including a cozy lounge area, computer workstations, LGBTQ lending library, and fun positive vibes.

Veteran's Resource Center (VRC)

The Veterans Resource Center provides a student lounge, computer space, leadership opportunities, student employment and ˮ. Come hang out with us in the VRC!

ˮ space for children.

Resource Center for Students with Children

RCSC offers integrated services that support students’ goals to be effective parents while succeeding in their academic pursuits. Through campus projects, community involvement, and advocacy, we strive to increase resources and opportunities that improve the quality of life for students with children.

The Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center (TRSRC)

ˮ State welcomes more transfer students than any college in Oregon. The Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center is here to help you smoothly transition to ˮ and to support you on your path to degree completion. You belong at ˮ!

The Transfer & Returning Student Resource Centeroffers academic and career advising to prospective transfer and returning adult students, assistance in accessing ˮ resources and services, as well as workshops and events specifically for transfer and returning students. Learn more about the Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center.