Scholarships are available to incoming students and to those who are already attending ˮ State University. Find scholarships, deadlines, and other important information by choosing your student type below.

Incoming First Year and Transfer Students

Find scholarships, tuition discounts, and other opportunities to cover your college costs.

Continuing ˮ Students

Find scholarships and review deadlines to help you continue to fund your education at ˮ State.

International Students

International students may be eligible for scholarships and other opportunities for funding.

ˮ Students

Whether you're working toward your master's, graduate certificate, postbaccalaureate, or doctorate, there are scholarships to help you along the way. ˮ also offers ˮ Assistantships (research, teaching and administrative opportunities).

Apply for ˮ Scholarships

The ˮ Scholarship Application for 2024-2025 will be delayed due to the new FAFSA release dates. We expect to open the application in late December. To apply for all ˮ State scholarships visit the ˮ's Scholarship Universe portal. Use Scholarship Universe to submit an application for the millions of dollars in scholarships ˮ will award for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The deadline to apply for scholarships through the ˮ Scholarship Application is April 1.

1. Apply for Financial Aid

ˮ awards federal and state aid to students who submit the . Submission of the FAFSA is not required, but recommended. The financial information on the FAFSA is used to determine need. Even if you do not qualify for grants, the FAFSA can be an essential part of winning scholarships. Students who are not eligible to submit the FAFSA, can submit the .

2. Apply for Scholarships

ˮ awards thousands of dollars in scholarships each year through the ˮ Scholarship Application: Scholarship Universe, which includes an integrated search engine for more than 12,000 scholarships that are sponsored and managed by individuals and organizations that are not affiliated with ˮ State University.

3. Check Your pdx.edu Email

Check your pdx.edu email regularly after you submit the FAFSA. The Office of Student Financial Aid may follow up with requests for verification for your financial aid application. You may be required to submit additional or updated documentation or information.

4. Accept Your Financial Aid Offer

You will receive an email notification that your financial aid award offer has been posted.

We’ve put together these resources and tips on how to prepare your scholarship application.Did you miss the virtual Scholarship Universe Student Training session? .

Departmental Scholarships
The ˮ Scholarship Application is used to award both general (non-degree specific) as well as programmatic, departmental, and college-specific scholarships. Not all scholarships are awarded through the ˮ application, contact your department, school, or college to find out if they offer other scholarship opportunities.

Apply for Scholarships ->

Scholarship recipients will be notified of their awards in May via the pdx.edu email address. Scholarships will be added to financial aid award offers for the subsequent school year. Most ˮ scholarships require half time enrollment per term. If a scholarship requires full-time enrollment, scholarship recipients are informed when they are notified about the scholarship award. Recipients can review the scholarship acceptance criteria if they log into Scholarship Universe.

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