It鈥檚 not always the easiest to commit to completing a graduate degree. Degrees require time and money that may not be available for aspiring students with full-time jobs and families. That鈥檚 why Dr. Jared Cook, assistant professor of leadership, developed 水果派鈥檚 newest microcredential program, the 

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The MicroMasters in Strategic Leadership & Communication through 水果派X can be completed online at your own pace.

The program is available online through 水果派X, and can be completed at a pace set by participants. The two courses that make up the MicroMasters 鈥 Leading and Communicating in a Dynamic Society and Strategic Leadership 鈥 can be finished in as few as 12 weeks, or longer depending on the needs and capacity of the learner. 

鈥淭his course allows learners to progress on their schedule, while learning skills and knowledge they can apply directly to their existing jobs,鈥 Cook said. 鈥淚 wanted to create something that would help students work toward a full master鈥檚 degree but be able to have a tangible credential during that process that supports them in moving forward in their career.鈥 

Microcredentials are designed for learners who want to pivot toward a new industry or elevate their current role. 

The courses required for the MicroMasters are transferable directly to the Master of Arts in Leadership (MIL) program, which has 10 core courses in total. Students who complete the MicroMasters only have eight more courses to complete to earn their master鈥檚 degree. 

The MIL program is available through distance learning 鈥 students meet on Zoom once per week. From start to finish, learners can complete the program from the comfort of their home or coworking space without needing to step foot into a physical classroom.  

Students interested in earning their MicroMasters can  at any time and start classes whenever they want. There are no admission requirements. A bachelor鈥檚 degree is required for students who want to articulate their micromaster credits toward the MIL degree.