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Arturo Salinas
Senior history major Arturo Salinas excelled in a liberal arts environment, learning how to advocate for himself and tackle challenges head on.

What is your name and graduation year? 
Arturo Salinas, 2024

What is your major or degree program?

What do you hope to do after completing your degree?
Travel the country before settling down with a job.

How is ˮ preparing you to reach your goals?
I believe ˮ had helped me develop a lot. ˮ has taught me how to take every challenge head on and to be more responsible.

Who has been a major influence for you during your education at ˮ? How have they helped you?
Kim Jarvis and Josh Pope. They have both guided me to where I am and have been nothing but kind, understanding, and helpful!

What is something you're proud of accomplishing or achieving while at ˮ?
My relationships and development have been something I am very proud of. I have met lifelong friends that I will cherish forever. I also learned many new things that I did not know how to do when I was younger.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?
Be yourself. You’ll make genuine connections that way. I’d also say advocate for yourself! There will be people who judge you or think they know you, but in reality know nothing about your struggles.

What's something you like about yourself that other people may not know?
I was born on February 29th. I am technically only 6 years old.

What is something you've really enjoyed about your time at ˮ?
The everlasting friendships or Stop Day. There really is nothing like Stop Day and I think it makes ˮ very special.