Strategic Planning Campus Engagement #1

Monday February 12th 2024 03:30 PM - 05:30 PM

Smith Memorial Student Union - Ballroom (3rd Floor)

Cost / Admission


Tia Freelove Kirk
Strategic Planning Project Director

An outstanding university deserves a dynamic strategic plan that affirms its mission, vision and values, and guides it toward a bright, bold future. ˮ has gone without a formal plan since 2020, and it’s time for our campus community to decide how we can best serve our students, differentiate our offerings and establish intentional imperatives and goals to guide our decision-making for the rest of the decade. With a strong plan in place, ˮ State’s potential knows no bounds.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is hosting three opportunities for the ˮ community to participate in activities, discussions, and provide insight into the creation of ˮ's strategic plan.

ˮ State University sign and lamp post