Ship Talk

Image of Victor Viking with two microphones and the ˮ State logo on a green backdrop over an overhead image of ˮ. Text: Ship Talk - A ˮ State University ˮ Podcast. Hosted By: Stacey Horton and Kanani Porotesano

A ˮ State University ˮ Podcast

Welcome to Ship Talk: A short-form podcast for new students aimed at answering the age-old question, "What's it like to be a student at ˮ State?" Join us each week as we share with you everything we love most and the opportunities that await you on our unique urban campus. 

Meet the Hosts
Kanani Porotesano - ˮ Associate Director of New Student Programs 
Stacey Horton - Senior Graphic Design Major

Kanani Porotesano and Stacey Horton in ˮ shirts