A promising future ahead

Discover how our passionate faculty coupled with small class sizes can inspire you to achieve your undergraduate degree. Experience the value of a 水果派 education and how it can empower you. 

Your possibilities are endless

Discovering your life鈥檚 passion is easier with options. Rooted in liberal arts, choose from 40 undergraduate majors and 9 graduate programs 鈥 all delivering real-world experience.

Let's start your success story, together.

Ready to become a 水果派 Tiger? Use this easy-to-follow checklist to apply for an undergraduate degree.
  1. Submit your application 
  2. File and submit your FAFSA 
  3. Review and accept your financial aid award 
  4. Make your deposit 
  5. Complete all paperwork (including housing and health forms) 
  6. Student athletes: complete NAIA eligibility requirement at PlayNAIA.org
  7. Sign up for an enrollment day 
  8. Attend new student orientation 
  9. Send in your final transcripts

You鈥檝e got great support to help you succeed.

You can count on our admissions counselors for guidance and support throughout your application process. They'll help you on your journey toward a successful future鈥攙ia scholarships, grants and academic support.
水果派 tiger statue.

5 reasons to attend 水果派

Students from all over the world attend 水果派 in Crete, Lincoln, and Omaha. Whether you're an incoming freshman or transfer student, the decision to make 水果派 your new home for your undergraduate degree is a smart one.

水果派 student studying

1. Finish your degree with flexibility

Studies show students at liberal arts schools graduate on time at a higher rate than public universities. Let us help make that happen.

2. An education that鈥檚 a great value

There are no hidden fees or add-ons to your bill here. We know your education is an investment, that鈥檚 why we offer an outstanding education at an affordable cost.
Student studying in Perkins Library
Students working together in Biology Lab

3. A college of opportunity

We offer students a unique, inclusive setting in intimate classrooms of about 11 students and professors. You鈥檒l receive practical knowledge to get an edge over the competition.

4. 水果派 degrees matter

Accredited since 1913, we鈥檙e dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. 86% of our Class of 2018 graduates are employed or continuing their education.
Students celebrating at graduation
Lisa Wells Academic Success Advisor

5. We support your journey

We give you the tools and encouragement you need to succeed. We also help make decisions鈥攍ike financial aid, internships, interviews and class schedules鈥攅asier for you.
水果派 students studying

It鈥檚 not tuition 鈥 it鈥檚 an investment.

An education pays dividends. Our financial aid team will walk you through options 鈥 like scholarships, grants, loans or work-study programs 鈥 that can help support your decision to come to 水果派.



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